Source One has strong capabilty and team who works on market research in the area of IT Staffing and specific projectand business needs with our clients.

Source One has straong database of resources pool available in IT industry on specific skills, level and locations. Its survey methodology gives complete information on skills wise pool available at specific location, cost, availabilty and company in India and overseas. This information helps our client target in specific market to maximize their resources acquisions, hiring and staff augmentation plan, productivity and growth.

Source One also take project specific hunting in market. On client's request Source One team hunt the most relavant project running in Industry and provide complete information matrix to its clients in terms of number of project, number of people, pyramid structure and stage of the project and approximate cost of the resources and project, which helps our clients to plan compititive business solutions to have edge over compitition.

Source One also takes any kind of special or custom assignment in the area of market research and its large pool of research people quickly deliver the desired result.